Decking Soultion

IntelliDeck is waterproof. It is a single .060”x 72” homogeneous piece of high performance PVC membrane. In fact, IntelliDeck traces its heritage as a solution to cover and waterproof decks over living spaces in the wet climate of Western Canada.

Unlike normal pressure-treated and wood plastic composite (referred to as WPC) decks like Trex, Fiberon, and Timbertech that don’t completely protect the substructure, IntelliDeck, when installed by one of our Factory Trained Installers, is a one-piece solution that can protect what’s underneath it for up to 30 years.

Pressure-treated decks, Ipe decks, and WPC decks allow water, ice, pine needles, leaves, and more to leak between the boards. Every leak that gets through the board gaps erodes the substructure, ruins the subspace potential, and minimizes your deck’s lifespan.

Ironically, some WPC decks have a 25-year limited warranty (pro-rated), but they’re installed over a substructure that only lasts ½ of their warranty period! In fact, the average lifespan of the substructure of a pressure-treated or WPC deck is only 8-12 years! Yes, you can add a very expensive waterproofing system under Trex and WPCs, but that’s a considerable added-expense. In many cases, the deck boards need to be removed in order to add this system.

IntelliDeck accomplishes its waterproofing properties in just one step when installed by an IntelliDeck Factory Trained Installer. In fact, non-chemically treated wood is all that’s required for the substructure of IntelliDeck. Not only does this save you money but also protects the environment from potentially harmful chemicals of preservative-treated woods.

IntelliDeck will waterproof what’s underneath your deck, porch, or balcony – not just the substructure, but the foundation and potential living space below.