Maintain the look of traditional natural bark siding with this maintenance-free manufactured synthetic product. Smartbark is remarkably real and saves both time and money without sacrificing style.

Smarkbark is weather resistant and will not rot, fade, darken, mold, crack or curl. It comes with Vaporlock, a patented build-in moisture sealant system that reduces installation requirements. There is no need for bug treatment or a special moisture barrier. The product has a limited 30-year warranty.

Available mixed natural colors: Poplar, Walnut, Sourwood and American Chestnut (Traditional American Chestnut natural bark is extinct because blight wiped out chestnut trees in the U.S.)

  • The shingles are washable, paintable and flame resistant, with an R-value of 4.7 per inch. The product saves on energy costs year after year.
  • Averages $2 less per installed square foot than natural bark.
  • Smartbark, made in the U.S., can be used in both exterior and interior applications.